“You need me more than I need you.”
“You Need Me. I Need You. We Both Need This.”

AsianPopTies presents the compilation of photos from the following episode of the hit series On The Wings Of Love. Relive one of the romantic stories ever told in Philippines’ TV history.

#OTWOLMarryMe – 8/17

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“The beginning is always the hardest. Always Be Hopeful. Always.”

AsianPopTies presents the compilation of photos from the following episodes of the hit TV series On The Wings Of Love. Relive one of the romantic stories ever told in the Philippines’ TV history.

#OTWOLArrival – 8/13
#OTWOLTheMeetUp – 8/14

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“When the universe aligns for a boy and a girl to meet, that’s called Destiny”

AsianPopTies presents the compilation of photos from the first 3 episodes of the hit series On The Wings Of Love. Relive one of the romantic stories ever told in the Philippines’ TV history.

#OTWOLArrival – August 10, 2015
#OTWOLILoveUSA – August 11, 2015
#OTWOLAmericanDream – August 12, 2015

Synopsis: On The Wings of Love is a story about family and love. Leah (played by Nadine Lustre) and Clark (played by James Reid) are the protagonists of this feel good romantic-comedy show. Leah who was longing for an American dream and Clark who was struggling to live his American life met and fell in love after their “fake” marriage.

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Country of Origin: Philippines

Year Released: 2014

Movie Title: Starting Over Again

Protagonists: Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga

Synopsis from TFC.TV

Ten years ago, Ginny (Toni Gonzaga), an Architecture student, and Marco (Piolo Pascual), a History professor, began a one-of-a-kind and unpredictable love story. But when Ginny realized her own pursuits were different Marco’s, she rejected his wedding proposal and left the country. Four years later, Ginny receives an email from Marco, which was written and sent after their break-up. Ginny soon gets the chance to work with Marco again, seeing this as her second chance with him, but will she be too late?

***Proceed with caution if you have not watched the movie as the next page contains spoilers.

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The music video for Korea’s romantic comedy series “One More Happy Ending” had been released. The show is about four women who were members of a popular idol group called Angels back in the 90’s. They have had series of mishaps in love and life after retiring from show business. Sandara Park will have a cameo role as one of the members of this group.

The music video features the OST of the show and is entitled “Always For You”. This song is supposedly popularized by Angels while at the height of their fame.

The song makes me smile. I also thought the video concept was very cute. I haven’t watched the show’s premier but it would definitely be in my list.

Enjoy watching!

Credits: dramabeans.com





I’m a fangirl by heart. And I’m proud of it. Fangirling is just one of those things that keeps me going, makes me prettier (please don’t yell at me), makes me younger (wohoo!) and makes my life a bit more exciting.

And for this reason I had to take the opportunity to attend the fans day event of the On the Wings of Love in Sacramento. I’ve never been to one so I thought it would be a great experience plus the fact that I will be able to meet some of my friends who I met online.
The Flight to Sacramento on 1/9:

I woke up at 4:30 AM to prepare and get myself ready to go to the airport for my 7 AM flight. I’m able to sleep in the plane so I don’t mind getting early flights. However, the plane ride on the way to Sacramento was pretty turbulent. At one point, I saw cups and drinks flying as the turbulence was pretty bad. It was quite scary. Not a good start!

The Fan Event at Sheraton

My friends met 2 other fans with their families from a meet up initiated by Bay Area OTWOListas. I heard that there were people who came from Hawaii, Alaska, Philippines and even China. Whoa! The dedication of the OTWOL and the JaDine fans was very heartwarming. I could sense that from speaking with the fans we met. They were very passionate particularly about James and Nadine. They get depressed when there are bad news about the 2 and they even get more depressed when Nadine or James loses from fan voting. But, they are in heaven when everything is all good. I laughed all night by their stories. We exchanged contacts and fan accounts by end of the night. I never thought I could network but I actually did. More friends, happier life!

#OTWOLFansDay – Waiting Time

We ate our breakfast at the hotel and then headed out to Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. It was around 10 AM when we arrived. There was already a pretty long line despite the chilly weather. My friends and I were all bundled up but I still felt chilly. I was freezing cold!

But, everybody was in good spirit. I saw people from all ages talking, laughing just having a great time. Everyone was patiently waiting for the doors to open. It was pandemonium when it did! The chaos was exhilarating but scary at the same time. If you don’t like crowded places then I’m not sure that you’ll like it there.


The Pre-Show

The pre-show event was fun especially with Gelo and Poca as hosts. I hope I was right about their names. One of my favorites was the  Kapamilya Day ala Tita Jack’s. Five fan groups participated. They were the following: JaDine Troop, Bay Area OTWOListas, JaDine International, JaDines United and We Love Jadine (WLJD) – US Chapter. The game was done in 3 stages to determine the winner. From 5 to 3 down to the 2 final groups. If I remember it correctly, one of the prizes was the Meet and Greet with James and Nadine. So yeah, they got to meet them in person! Lucky people!


The Main Event

The main show was obviously the highlight of the affair. Kyla opened the show with a Beyonce medley and then sang On The Wings of Love. I have never seen Kyla performed live so it was such a treat watching her. Paulo Avelino came out next and sang Jeepney then Hiling. Paulo was a cutie, laughing and teasing with fans. There was this fan holding up a banner and Paulo pointed out that his name was misspelled. Haha. One lucky girl (I eventually found out that her name is Nicole) also get to perform with her and get kissed by him! You guys are jealous now, aren’t you?
Blake was introduced next. If you don’t know who Blake is then look it up. Kidding! Blake is famous to OTWOListas. There are videos of him online while watching OTWOL and giving out his adorable comments. They even have their own HT #BlakeDine. Nadine came out to meet him for the first time. Blake perhaps was so starstuck that all he could manage was hug Nadine twice. Such a cutie! He was very adorable when he asked if James was there!
Like Blake, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Nadine. I was consciously trying not to shout because I wanted to get a good recording of her. But, I was totally screaming deep inside hahaha. She’s beautiful, very warm, someone who I may become friends with. Her voice was very sweet. After the #BlakeDine encounter, she sang Sparks Fly. You could tell that she wasn’t feeling well but she did her best and sang live. I was touched when she thank the fans for coming. She sang her song Para-Paraan to close out her stage.

Nadine was touched by us!

After Nadine’s 2 songs, James came out. Fans went wild and hurried up to go in front to get a good glimpse of James. I had to zoom in on him to get a better view. It was chaos! I pitied the security team because they couldn’t do anything about the girls in front. ROFL. He’s very handsome, even more handsome in person. He seemed shy at first but you could sense his passion to perform when he started singing Love Yourself. He was very warm to the fans too. He looked genuinely happy to see us all. I found it cute that he was recording everybody. The last song he performed was Bonfire Love Song with the winners of the Leah Look Alike Contest.
The JaDine!!!!

The last 2 songs were for the JaDine fans! Woot! Woot! All hell broke lose when they started singing Bahala Na. Everybody was screaming on top of their lungs, I was screaming timidly. Remember, I’m recording right? Poor me! Hahaha. James and Nadine’s voices blended really well. It was very nice to finally hear their voices live. When they sang Hanap-Hanap, I felt goosebumps. I know they have sang this song a million times and I have watched them sing this song a million times too, BUT, BUT, BUT, they sang it like it was their first. So much passion, so much feels, so much chills, so much love! One thing is for sure, I was watching 2 people singing and flirting on stage LOL. They were into each other as if nobody was watching them. Sigh, my JaDine heart is flying high as I write this.

The main event felt short but only because everybody was having a great time. It’s a fan event afterall. If this was just a taste of their concert then I’m more excited to see them perform more.

By end of the day, I was tired but it was an experience that I will never forget. It’s one of the best weekend getaways I’ve had. I wasn’t expecting much but everything was unexpectedly great. I can’t thank TFC enough for making this event happen.

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It’s 1:22 AM CST, Wednesday, 1/13. I’m physically tired but my brain wouldn’t shutdown to go to sleep. Or, perhaps it couldn’t shutdown. I have to write. My brain is telling me to write or else it’s not going to let me sleep.

Or, could this be a withdrawal symptom from the #OTWOLFansDay last Sunday? I have uploaded videos on my YT channel (yes, I’m plugging!) but I felt like it wasn’t enough. So yeah, I stood from my bed to write. Woah! 4 minutes has passed. Do I type my words slower than usual? I need to write sooner or else it’ll take me thru the morning. It’s pretty late!

For the sake of my brain and my overall well-being haha, I’m going to write this post quickly. Below is the list of videos in the order of their appearance at the #OTWOLFansDay held in Sacramento on 1/10. They have all been uploaded on the site’s YT account (username: AsianTies). Enjoy watching!

Checkout my blog #OTWOLFansDay – An Affair to Remember to read about the entire experience. 

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