My latest jam, ROFL. Let’s get that body grooving to PSY’s Daddy. This song is featuring 2NE1’s CL.

PSY - Daddy (feat CL)

(Hey, where’d you get that body from?
Where’d you get that body from?
Where’d you get that body from?)
I got it from my daddy
I got it from my daddy


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I felt bad for Jiggs. He’s hanging onto the 4 years that he and Leah spent together not realizing that their love story ended when Leah left for the US. But, who asked for a break up in the first place? Remember this?


It’s sad that Jiggs hasn’t realized yet that he is the very reason why his relationship failed. I think that his jealousy towards Clark is clouding his judgement. It’s not just about Leah, it’s also and maybe has always been about who Leah is in love with. The very same person who Tita Jack thinks highly of and treats just like her son. Jiggs will never accept that he lost the “fight” to his cousin, Clark.

Maggie can’t stress enough that the fight is over. Leah had found a better love. It’s time to move on.

Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Love does not envy.
Love does not boast.
Love is not proud.
Love is not rude.
Love is not selfish.
Love is not easily angered.
Love keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil
Love rejoices in truth
Love always protects.
Love always trusts.
Love always hopes.
Love always perseveres.
Love never fails.
(1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

Here are some more reactions to today’s episode. Plus, have fun watching the bloopers here #OTWOLBackSlide – Outtake. Enjoy!

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Credit to for the bloopers video. Enjoy folks!

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Did you remember the pilot episode when Leah was uttering these words? That was on August 10. Seventy-four (74) episodes later, the most awaited #OTWOLTheProposal had finally arrived. It didn’t take long to hit the twitterverse by storm. It garnered almost 2M tweets on that day. November 19 is the date, the “real” engagement day!

It was worth the long wait. We laugh, cry and felt the pain watching Clark fall in love and fight for their love. We laugh, cry and felt the pain watching Leah fall in love and then trying to conceal her love for Clark. And, when we thought that their love would come to an end, we got to see Leah finally took the risk. And now, here we are, they are engaged!

Clark asking the big question was the highlight of this series. Him asking Leah to marry him will mean that their “fake” marriage is coming to its end. For their love story, it will mean a fresh new start as husband and wife. For the JaDine fans, it will mean a honeymoon scene for James and Nadine. LOL.

We have come a long way, indeed!

Leah: Pasensya ka na hubby ha, medyo natagalan ko pa na-realize na ang tanga-tanga ko kapag pinakawalan ko pa isang katulad mo, paano mo naman nagawang maghintay ng ganun katagal?

Clark: Na-realize ko rin na ang tanga-tanga ko na hindi hintayin ang katulad mo.


Here are some more reactions to today’s episode. Plus, have fun watching the bloopers here #OTWOLTheProposal – Outtake. Enjoy!

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A big storm is coming!

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Leah: Etong adventure natin, parang kuwento nating dalawa
wala tayong mga expectations, gusto
lang natin makita ung bulkan, di natin
in-expect, na ma-e-enjoy natin pala ‘to

Clark: Kinda like getting married para lang sa green card,
di natin alam ma-i-inlove pala tayo sa isa’t isa,
ang journey natin kahit hindi naging madali
maraming pagsubok, just getting here,
seeing this view, its all worth it, and you are
worth it Leah

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For me, Episode 73 is a perfect prologue to tomorrow’s episode #OTWOLTheProposal. The last scene where Clark and Leah travelled to see the volcano is synonymous to their journey in finding love. Since they professed their love in San Francisco and finding out about Leah’s mom, their love story has become about fighting for their love and taking risks. It was a steep hill to climb on.


But, at the end of the day, their uphill battle was all worthy to be experienced because they are now happy together. Clark said it himself, Leah is worthy to be loved. Although Leah didn’t say the same thing back to Clark, the fact that she took the risk with him is her unspoken word for “you’re worth it too.”

Will #OTWOLTheProposal seal their love? With how fast paced the story line is, no one would/should argue that Leah will accept the proposal. She will accept it, right? Right?

One of the things that they tackled in this episode is about trust in marriage. Leah has been wary about Angela as she is obviously smitten by Clark. Leah is getting suspicious with Clark’s phone conversations. In this episode, Leah finally gave in to the temptation and decided to check Clark’s phone.


Clark: How can a marriage work if we don’t trust each other?

As a kid you always hear your parents tell you to trust that they’ll buy your favorite toy. And when they break that promise, you throw a tantrum. As an adult, the scenario shifts and now you are asking your parents to trust you that you’ll behave at school. Do your parents throw a tantrum if you fail at school? No, they try to understand, support and make sure to help you get your grades better.

Clark is like a parent. He was upset at first when he discovered that Leah was peeking at his phone. But, he was mature enough to forgive and understand Leah who has been having trust issues since finding out about her mom’s whereabouts. And what’s perfect, he re-assured her that he’s only hers. The re-assurance is what we need in marriage. We trust and re-assure our love for our partners.

Clark: When in doubt, sa’yo lang ako
Leah: Ako rin, sa’yo lang ako

Now, if only all men can be Clark. Ha!

Here are some more reactions to today’s episode. Plus, have fun watching the bloopers here #OTWOLDreamLove – Outtake. Enjoy!

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that special feeling, those happy memories would
never be enough until everything sealed by one question…..


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