OTWOL, The Phenomenal That Is!

Posted: 10/26/2015 by Asian Ties in On The Wings Of Love, Philippines
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Ah, it’s been awhile since I last wrote in my blog. I missed it! I never even thought I would come back so writing my first one after 3 years feels great!

And what a better way to start my new found life but to write about my current obsession in the television — It’s the Philippines very own “On the Wings of Love”. It stars the 2 of the most popular young love teams in the country – James Reid and Nadine Lustre, better known as JaDine to their fans.

What is a “love team” if you may ask? A friend of mine didn’t understand the concept. It’s just one of those old Hollywood setup where a man and a woman are paired up and become part of a team. They are constantly seen in movies and if they are lucky, a huge following will come after that.

In the Philippines, a love team follows the same concept although not everyone has been successful. The couple’s charm and chemistry are the secret to their popularity. Although, giant TV and movie networks and endorsements help a lot in establishing the couple as a household name. The more people see them in TV, the better for their career.

Did you get the gist of it? I’ll write something more about the “love teams” on my next post.

So, what is “On the Wings of Love” a.k.a OTWOL? It’s a story about family and love. Leah  (played by Nadine) and Clark (played by James) are the protagonists of this feel good romantic-comedy show. Leah who has been longing for an American dream thanks to her dead mom and Clark who has been struggling to live his American life met and fell in love after their “fake” marriage.

Almost 1st half of the show was shot in the lovely city of San Francisco. It’s something that most Filipino’s living abroad can relate to due to its large Filipino community but it’s also the city where almost everyone knew and hoping to visit someday. The highlights of the San Francisco segment includes shots in The Golden Gate Bridge, The Union Square, The Cable Car and the Napa Valley which is 2 hours away from the city.

OTWOL has been running for 2 months now. The story development is well phased, not too slow but not too fast either. I like that the romantic aspect of the show is not overly emphasized. I like that there’s a balance of family struggles, friendships, just common everyday happenings in life. What OTWOL gives you is the reality of an imperfect world. It depicts the heart and soul of a young love but also gives us lessons about family values and true friendships.

The casting of the characters is superb. I can’t be thankful enough that they have a mix of seasoned actors, character actors and new actors who very well can stand on their own. The team behind OTWOL is just as superb as the casting of the actors. Congratulations to the Directors (yes they have 3 now!), writers and the production team who must be proud of the achievements that OTWOL is garnering.

On my next posts, I’ll be talking more about OTWOL – dissecting the characters as well as posting reviews on some of my favorite episodes. Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s the trailer of the show as well as the pilot episode. You can watch OTWOL with subtitles through TFC.TV but with a minimal fee.

  1. Komal says:

    Nice blog other than Jadine I like Tolyats ..he is so cute..”My love” loll…I have learnt two more words.. Salamat and Wala 😊

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